Coming Out In 2012

1 Apr

I think we have all known for a while now, but I wanted to make the official announcement. These guys are coming out big time in 2012!

Zac Efron in The Lucky One

Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Josh Hutcherson in The Hungers Games

Justin Bieber with Boyfriend. Yes the name of his new single is actually Boyfriend. No doubt 2012 is a big coming out year for Justin. I think his new single is just a sneak peek into what he will be coming out with next.


Mega Loser

31 Mar

The following story is true:

Like most of America, yesterday I bought a Lottery Ticket. I did not win. I did not think I was going to win. I did not have a list of things I was going to buy when I won, but Tyson “TayShawn” Gibson did. I met TayShawn at 7-11 while I was in line to buy my Lotto ticket. He had printed out a list of all the things he was planning to buy with “the C-note God done wrote”.

While last night’s Mega Millions Jackpot had gone up to $640 Million, Tyshaw’s 14 page list of items only totaled (I have no idea how he reached these numbers) $398 Million. I asked TayShawn why he had stopped his list just shy of $400 Million. He responded, “man you mus be a stupid muther f**ker… aint you never hearda taxes”. Clearly his understanding of money exceeds my own. Some of my favorite items on TyShawn’s list where… 10 pounds of bacon, an autographed picture of Jay-Z and Beyonce with new baby Blue Ivy and a monkey.

What would you buy?

Hot Women in the Workplace

30 Mar


Just today I read a disturbing article discussing how attractive women are discriminated against by hiring managers. Apparently if are good looking and a woman, you are less likely to get a job interview than if you are average or homely looking.

Here is a picture of Debrahlee Lorenzana, who was fired for being too sexy at work. What do you think, too much?

Being at work is long and boring most days. The least HR can do is hire someone that will make it bearable. Sure, an ugly broad will get more work done. But for the good of the company, hire at least one or two hot women.

My Neighbor is a DSHAVER

28 Mar


My neighbor got some new vanity plates for his sweet Caddie.  I wonder if his girlfriend is a VSHAVER?  Is that wrong?

The Donald Trump Effect

27 Mar

Almost as awkward as the height differential in this shot of former surprise couple Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi is the recurring fact that hot girls go for…well…not so hot guys. And following their divorce Rushdie only upped his swagger by spending quality time with Olivia Wilde. From Russell Brand and Katy Perry to Jay-Z and Beyonce all the way to Seal and Heidi Klum there have been some inexplicable hook-ups. The wedding picture from famed philosopher Slavoj Zizek and his model wife Analia was enough to solidify hope for greasy truck drivers everywhere.

I like to extrapolate from all these disorienting couplings and take solace in believing that short, nice, smart and balding men have a chance in this world…if they have fame or cash.

Who is/was your favorite beauty and beast?

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